Hello and welcome to my blog.

As you may know, I have my main website ardinpatterson.com, which has a blog on there as well. On there you can also find my voice over demo and agent’s contact information.

In 2013 I wrote under another blog that I sadly lost access too (I forgot the password) when I was in my fourth year of university. In my last post however, I announced that my novel was accepted for publication!

This blog will mainly focus on my writing journey. It will also feature my Book Talk series, updates about my debut novel and novel and manga reviews.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Recent Blog Posts

Ultra Maniac – Manga Review

I started reading Ultra Maniac back in January while I was off work during our…second or third lock down. At this point I’ve lost count of how many lock down’s there have been but I had plenty to read so, it wasn’t like I was bored or anything. Anyway, I remembered this manga being kind […]

BookTuber’s to Watch

BookTube makes me so happy. It’s comforting…it completely contrasts those drama channels I end up binging. I mean, yes there is of course drama IN the books themselves and like all YouTube communities there has been a bit of discourse in the community over the years. However, BookTube is a special place for me. I’ve […]

Is It Okay to Review a DNF?

I’ve heard several different arguments about this over the years, both on the side of the reader and the author. It can be a touchy subject but I do think everyone’s opinions on the matter are valid. I know as a reader that when going through reviews of a particular book, I like to know […]