Goodbye Inktober, Hello NaNoWriMo!

After completing Inktober 2019, I’m pumped for the first day of NaNoWriMo. I’ve already been doing a lot of work throughout the year, but I really want to challenge myself this month, and plow through my writing projects.

I have several different projects on the go here…which is both fantastic and also a bit overwhelming. However, I have decided to prioritize them this year so that I can tackle one thing at a time. I’ve learned that trying to work on everything at once only makes things confusing. I keep telling myself that I have lots of time, and I’ll get it done.

I recorded for an animated series in the works yesterday, and managed to do some writing before the session. I love, love, love when I’m actually productive with my day. The record was also very fun! I’ll definitely be sharing more about the series when I’m allowed. All I can say is…it’s adorable and funny and full of imagination! I can’t wait to watch it.

Anyway, back to NaNoWriMo, I set up a project page this year…which is new for me, but I think keeping track of my progress will definitely help.

I have several playlists that I’ve made for my novels…but I couldn’t seem to access spotify today, so I tried my best to recreate a combination of my three “character” playlists on YouTube.

You can check it out here…I find it pretty soothing for the most part.

I really love Perry Como’s voice so, he’s on there a couple times. There’s also Ricky Nelson, Princess Chelsea and Eisley. A mixture of new and old songs that I feel speak to each of my characters individually.

I think for my most recent chapter, Lonesome Town is a good fit. I’d like to try and learn it on guitar at some point….

Anyway, good luck to everyone who is participating this year. I wish you all the best!

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