Just a Snippet

“Before his father and brother died he imagined death as simply drifting off to sleep. Seeing the blood strains on his new born nephew’s clothes made his head spin. Death was violent.” (Ardin Patterson)

I thought I would share an itty-bitty little snippet from my novel. My editor, publisher and I are currently prepping some stuff for the preview page, which will be on their website sometime soon. I’ll let you know when that happens.

The publishing process is new to me, but I really enjoy the editing half. It’s a lot of work…and at times it did feel exhausting, but editing is something that I’ve always been a huge fan of. I used to edit my friends essays back in school, or edit emails…and I loved marking and editing when I did tutoring.

When I was little I tried to start up a magazine, and would edit the pages my friends submitted. I might’ve been around 11? Honestly, I had no knowledge of the business, but I made us our own website and gave us all cool nicknames and we made playlists, did articles on friendship and a bunch of other stuff. I’ll admit it wasn’t the greatest…but it was fun while it last. Regardless, my parents were extremely supportive.

Haha…anyway, I love working with my editor. She’s an amazing writer and her feedback is always so helpful! I actually have one of her books, Times Tempest. She really knows how to draw you into the world of the story…I love it.

I know that recently she released a romance novel as well…I think that she’s doing them as a series actually.

I don’t want to share too much about my series until the preview is up, but hopefully that little snippet interests you and you’ll check out the preview when it’s up!

This is a song that I used to listen to a lot when I started writing this novel back in 2013. I covered it here on my YouTube channel, but you should totally check out the original by Eisblume. I adore Ria Schenk’s music. She recently came out with a bunch of new music, so if you like pretty vocals and possibly want to learn a little German, go check that out!

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