Slow Burns, Cold Tea and the Feels Club.

I have a thing for slow burn romances in stories and television series. I find them sweet…although sometimes a bit frustrating.

This gorgeous song by the talented Connie Francis reminds me of a few characters in my novel series. I actually named a side character Connie. She’s very stylish, and is constantly sporting heels. Beauty knows no pain…at least not to her.

She’s not a very important character, but I hope people will still like her.

I’ve gotten a fair amount of writing done…and I’m excited about that. At the moment I’m debating on where I’m going to go next in this chapter, and I’m also trying to introduce a couple of characters.

Sometimes adding new characters can be a little frustrating…because I want it to be a smooth transition. They shouldn’t feel out of place (unless of course they’re meant to). The character I just introduced is a bit of a wild one. It was so much fun seeing my characters react to her. She’s a bit of an odd one.

I also included a sadder scene and cried a little, but I’m fine…I’ll survive. I’d like to let everyone know before they read that I cried when I wrote those parts, so if you feel like I’m torturing you…I apologize. I too suffered in the manifestation of it…so…welcome to the Feels Club.

I also cry during children’s movies. I watch Coco with my Dad and sister on Halloween and tried by best not to cry, and my Dad tried his best not to notice me sniffling. If you haven’t seen it, I totally recommend it! Although it may be a bit upsetting for some people…especially those who recently experienced a loss.

Anyway, I have a very cold cup of tea to finish, and I’d like to write a couple more scenes if I can before I go to bed.

Bye for now!

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