Third Times the Charm: Polishing Your Manuscript

Today I managed to get a good amount of writing done. Things definitely took a drastic turn in that last chapter, but I didn’t mind.

If a scene doesn’t work, I’ll edit it out after I complete my first draft, not during the writing process. I’ve learned over the years that editing while writing can get really confusing. You might think that you’re doing yourself a huge favour and saving a ton of time, but honestly…leave the big edits for your first edit.

When I edit my work, I usually go over it three separate times.

My first edit is a content edit. I go through to make sure that things line up and make sense…and that a subplot wasn’t completely lost somewhere along the way (trust me, it happens!).

Then I go over it again, because usually I’ve rewritten something, or cut something out and I want to make sure it flows with the rest of the manuscript.

Lastly I do a spelling and grammar check. Here I look for any words that might’ve been typed out twice accidentally, or words that weren’t necessarily spelled incorrectly but were just written in the wrong order. These I usually catch while I’m writing, because I like to reread chapters as I go along to catch them. However, sometimes It’s easier to just plow through and get it done!

I feel like editing my work at least three times before giving it to someone else to read, leaves it a little more polished. I always hated editing for other people and receiving their unpolished rough drafts. I suppose some people think that because they’re giving their work to someone else to be edited, that they don’t need to edit it…but trust me, you’ll want to. You never want to turn someone off from your writing because it’s covered in a bunch of easy fix errors.

I think NaNoWriMo is going well so far. I’m making a lot of progress, and I’m feeling really good about what I’ve written…even if some of it wasn’t exactly as I originally intended. Sometimes scenes just take off on their own and I’m like, “Well that just happened?” but I like it.

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