In a Slump?

Through the twitters and such I’ve noticed a lot of frustrated writers…writing out their frustrations.

Some threatening to throw their laptops out the window. Some praying for just an ounce of inspiration.

Here is my advice to you, there is no perfect formula. If you’re having a rough day or you’re in a slump, take a break and try later. Instead of trying to squeeze something onto the page, why don’t you do some fun character or plot exercises?

These can help with world building!

I’m constantly researching and expanding my knowledge while I’m writing my first draft. I don’t always use everything, but the better I know my world and my characters the more the story just kind of…writes it self.

I know that sounds weird, and you may have heard others say it and rolled your eyes (or maybe you totally get it), but that is what works for ME.

You are an entirely different person. What works best for me when I’m creating may not work for you…but if you haven’t tried it yet, then that’s a suggestion.

It gives me the feeling that I’m still being productive and working on my projects, even when I’m “stuck” on a certain scene. When I come back to writing (and you should make sure you come back), I feel refreshed and have more of a drive to get through that slump, than I would have just…sitting there and getting frustrated.

This way you’re not procrastinating, or giving up. You’re working towards a solution, that…thankfully doesn’t involve you killing your poor laptop.

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