Voice Overs and November Smoothies

Today was so fun! I got to record a lovely character for a fabulous new series (which I’ll share more about when it’s released).

I love recording with everyone in an ensemble. There’s so much energy and getting to hear the voices and see all the behind the scenes stuff with the other actors is so much fun.

I have to say, the directors and the sound engineers…the whole team is just so awesome! They work so hard to help us sound great. I love their enthusiasm and how quick they are to make suggestions and give feedback. They work fast, and they work well. As a team, gosh they have great chemistry.

The lovely ladies, and gentleman who are leads on this series are also so sweet. They’re just amazing and wonderful and they make me laugh a lot. They’re great people to be in the studio with. I hope we get to do more projects together in the future, and I have high hopes for all of them. They’re so talented.

I love my job. I’m so glad I get to meet such fun people from all different backgrounds. Like, it’s such a blessing.

Also…to make my day just a little extra special, I bought myself a yummy smoothie at this place by the studio after the record. Now, a smoothie isn’t something I’d recommend at this time of year…especially if you’re not wearing gloves, but it was still really good and I will definitely be going back in the near future.

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