“Meow!” – We Wrapped Up Season 1!

I’ve been a busy bee lately! Today is the first day I’ve had off in a long time. I’ve just been working and auditioning and working and recording and…you get the point.

I’m really excited because we just wrapped up the first season of a show I worked on. It was cool because I got to play two very fabulous characters on the show, and work with so many amazing people!

I also love everyone at that studio. They’re all so sweet!

On our last day, I showed up early, so our director asked me to come in an record the walla for the show as well, which was so much fun. I got to be a cat and I got paid for it.

Fun fact: I used to have a tooth that looked like a fang (before braces) so when I was really little I thought it meant I was part cat. The life of a six year old, am I right?

Anyway, I used to make cat noises all the time. It got to the point where as an adult, when I would babysit my niece or run children’s programs, I’d randomly meow when no one was watching, and convince them that there was a cat hiding somewhere.

I think only one of my co-workers realized it was me.

My niece still hasn’t figured it out. She looked for that cat all over the place…and still, hasn’t found it.

I should probably tell her.

Sometimes I like to play little jokes like that. I’m just glad that all those years of making random animal sounds actually came in handy.

You never know when you’ll get called in to do animal sounds.

I also got to sing in the last episode with my cast mates. It was really fun! I can’t wait till the show comes out.

The animation and character designs are adorable, and the script is so well done!

All the characters are so charming.

I’ll let you know when it’s out!


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