Dear Staff – A Letter To Those I Worked With During the Holidays

During the holiday season I worked at a bookstore. One of my favourite places to shop actually…it was probably the best part-time job I’ve ever done.

I met so many lovely people, and the work environment was amazing. I could tell instantly that these people genuinely liked their job and cared about those they worked with. We were allowed to have fun at work, we were allowed and trusted to make decisions…and that level of trust astounded me.

It was such a healthy, wonderful environment!

Like my voice over work, I was excited to go to work.

I’m a little sad that it’s over now, but they did say I could come back seasonal again if I like.

It was a little tricky trying to balance auditions and work, but people were kind enough to switch shifts with me.

Those overnight shifts and getting up at 4am the next day to go in for an audition at 10am was kind of brutal…but you do what you gotta do.

Nobody ever got anywhere without putting in a little work and making a couple of sacrifices.

I did have a break from editing during December, so that at least gave me one less thing to focus on at the time.

One thing that always makes me laugh is that I usually have to open job interviews with my age. My voice is already high, and to top it off I’m short and apparently I look like a teenager. In my home town, no one would hire me while I was in high school because they thought I was under 16…but I landed a stellar babysitting/pet sitting job and I loved it.

Working at this bookstore also helped me see what books were selling in the market and why, which was awesome because I now see which categories my novels fall under, and have a grasp as to how to market them better (when the time comes).

Obviously talking about my novels now on my blog (without giving too much context) allows me to market them. Seeing as, anyone who reads this will know that I in fact am publishing a book and might take interest in it later when the teaser is released. 2020 baby! I’m hyped.

Anyway, yesterday was my last shift and I didn’t mention it to the people I was working with over the last couple of days because I didn’t want to make anyone sad haha! And I didn’t want to be sad–no one wants to be sad at work. I like being that happy person who makes people smile…although I think most customers laughed at me because I was short and a little bit awkward at times while trying to fit things into bags–anywho, here is my letter to everyone I worked with during this holiday season:

Dear Staff,

You guys are amazing! I absolutely adored working with you all and as promised you will definitely see me in and around the store during the year as…I have a book addiction….

Thank you for your constant support and help! I appreciated your patience and your understanding more than you can comprehend.

Thank you for sharing your stories with me, telling me about your loved ones, your heartbreaks and your favourite shows on Netflix.

Thank you for taking the time to make the holidays wonderful and as non-stressful as you possibly could. For the dress up days, the hot chocolates, the candy grams and the morning shift breakfast…which all were really touching and sweet and I love you guys for that.

Thank you all for being hilarious and making me laugh and singing spice girls with me after close or helping me restock items…and for everyone who helped me get things in the back because I was anxious about getting on the tall later. You don’t know how much that honestly meant to me…I tried to force myself to get over my fear of heights because I think it’s so dumb, but instead you saw that I was uncomfortable and came to my aid. I’m so grateful for that.

For that time I forgot my water bottle and you got me a drink from Starbucks because I had a really bad cold. For coming as quickly as possible whenever I needed back up.

You all hold a special place in my heart and I will cherish the time I got to spend getting to know you all.

See you soon and all the best,


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