O.C Playlists

I decided to create individual playlists for each of the characters in my current novel series (we’re in the second round of edits now. Yay!). Let me tell you, it’s hard.

I usually make a general mod playlist for my novels/projects as a whole, but I haven’t done one where it had specific categories before.

Basically, I found a list in pinterest with about 13 different questions, and used those to choose the songs.

I won’t lie, I stayed up till 9am in the morning working on this…which tells me I either have too much free time, or I seriously need to stop watching scary stuff before bed. I often get a sudden urge to do things like this and then I absolutely have to do them.

No worries, I took a few naps throughout the day and I don’t plan on staying up like that again tonight. Yikes.

Anyway, it wasn’t easy. I’m not even finished but I’ve managed to get my main characters done. I wanted to include my antagonists and minor characters in this as well, because I appreciate what they bring to the story…and despite some of them being “bad guys” I don’t totally hate them. I suppose writers are allowed to be somewhat sympathetic towards their characters?

I really enjoyed how Derry Girls had Spotify playlists for each of the characters on their show, and decided it would be a neat little project to try. I definitely think using the prompts made it a little more difficult…because there are so many songs out there and to just pick 13 is hard…especially when half of your life is centered around music. Music is so important to me…which is why I do incorporate it into my writing in some way. It’s an art form that I think we can all appreciate. We all have that song that gets us in a good mood, or one that makes us cry…

This sounds like an ad for Spotify.

But we do! Even if a song is in another language, you can still feel it.

I’m listening to my main characters playlist right now and I’m actually loving it. I got all the songs put in order based on the list…and it really does feel like him. I’m really proud of myself…because the effort I put into doing this was actually worth it.

I think it would be fun to challenge other’s to make playlists for their characters before their book is published and share them within the writing and reading communities upon the books release.

I’m literally holding in my squeals because I’m really happy with how this playlist turned out. Hopefully the others are just as good. I also like how some of them seem to stay within a specific genre and others are a mixture. I didn’t plan on sticking to a specific genre…I just paid close attention to the lyrics and decided if it would be a song my characters would sing along to or listen to.

If you’re interested in seeing the original post that I used to help me create my playlists, here it is:

I think it would be great if someone could create other options for people as well…maybe one with alternative questions that people can use?

This challenge could also be very helpful if someone is still building their characters and the world they live in. I know that it helped me feel more connected to certain characters and their experiences. It really allowed me to explore each of their stories on a personal level.

Once my novel’s publishing date is confirmed and the teaser is out, I’ll begin sharing the playlists I made through social media.

My main character’s playlist has songs from Nirvana to Ricky Nelson, and honestly none of them feel out of place. Have fun with it and stay true to your characters!

If you want to make it extra challenging, you could even give your characters a favourite genre and try to find songs within that specific genre for each of the prompts!

Before I go, I’d also like to shout out whoever created this list. It’s really great! I’ll try making my own in the future for people to us as well, because I do exercises like this often.

Leave a comment on which song your character would ask a DJ to play at a party.

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