In my novel series I include a lot of different song lyrics, and make references to them often.

Some of the songs are loosely based on old folk songs, and other’s are ones that I made up. At some point, most likely when the novels are released, I’d like to share the songs so people can listen to them.

I love going back to a scene where music is being referenced and finding the song somewhere. I did this often with the manga Dengeki Daisy that made references to the songs Time After Time and Daisy Bell. So I thought it would be nice to provide my readers with something similar.

If all goes well, I’ll record all the songs and get them out by the novels release date. I haven’t put music to all of the lyrics yet, and some are meant to be performed A Capella.

The ones that are based off of real songs, I might just do a cover of or share those songs through a playlist on YouTube or Spotify (or both?).

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