Check out Vice Ride by MJ Moores!


I hope you’re doing well, given the current circumstances. I know things aren’t the greatest right now, but I’m hopeful.

I thought it might be fun to share my editor MJ’s newest book in her Flawed Attraction series. I love, love, love her writing style, and I love that this takes place in Canada! I also really love this new cover.

I get very excited for new book releases, especially when I know the authors.

The newest book in this series is Vice Ride.

I haven’t had a change to read this one yet but let’s just say, I’m really glad she’s my editor. She knows how to grab your attention and the last book of hers that I read, I was hooked. I’m definitely going to tuck a little of that VO money away so I can order a copy.

You can check out MJ’s website for more information on her and her other series like Chronicles of Xannia (I recommend it) or if Steam Punks your thing, you might like her Shadow of Phoenix series.

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