What I’m Reading…

I posted about this book a while back on Instagram, and am still currently reading it (along with 3ish other books) but I thought I’d begin with an early review.

The first page reeled me in. I was restocking the shelves at Indigo (I worked there over the Christmas holidays) and noticed this gem sitting on the wrong shelf. The next thing I knew, I was skimming threw it on my break, and put it aside to buy at the end of my shift.

I can’t tell you the last time I read a middle grade book. I’d say I’m fairly up to date with them, but it’s mainly because I worked at summer camps where we promoted literacy a GREAT deal. Plus, I’m the designated book buyer for my niece. I scope the shelves, Goodreads and libraries for books that I think she’ll actually enjoy.

This book so far, I think we’d have more fun reading together (since she’s a little young for it right now. Maybe in a year or so she’ll get a better grasp of it), but I love all the characters already. These girls are hilariously relatable (to 12 year old me).

(M)Alia, Dot an Bree are a trio of fun! I’m not even finished the book yet but I already feel attached to them. When I realized there were other books in this series I was ecstatic.

I connected with Dot in the sense of…over planning…although I wouldn’t necessarily call myself the most organized person, I have to say at that age, I was writing up business plans, watching old movies with my grandparents and trying to emulate as much “cool” as I possibly could, while maintaining my “author-ish-ness.”

As for the name thing, I understood Malia AKA Alia, being that I often got mistaken for a boy before people met me. It wasn’t that I disliked my name-my favourite book growing up was Chrysanthemum-but it was frustrating having people constantly call me Adrien or Eden or Erin or just assume I was a boy.

Fun fact, because of my name whenever I would sign up for Christmas pageants, I played Joseph. Yes…I played Jesus’ Dad…every year. At first I was annoyed but now I just find it hilarious.

Anyway, then there’s Bree. I think I initially liked Bree because she shares the name of one of my old friends from elementary school, but also she’s incredibly bubbly and sweet. I don’t understand her Taylor Swift obsession but I can definitely respect it. At her age I was into like…Billy Talent, Hilary Duff and Celtic music. I still get a kick out of singing Tear Drops on My Guitar though.

Each of these characters come from different backgrounds, and I love how distinctly different each of their voices are.

I’m excited to read more, and I’m definitely adding it to the future books to give my niece pile (which has grown significantly since we’ve been in quarantine).

Before I end this post, I just want to wish everyone reading the best…I know things are really weird right now and we all want things to get back to normal. Stay safe, stay home and stay healthy.

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