Book Fairies!?

My neighbourhood has a lot of little free libraries around, but I have yet to come across any book fairies!

A friend of mine did (before quarantine) and I was so jealous! Why haven’t I found one yet?

She’s even gone on blind dates with books.

I can’t even tell you the last time I’ve been on a date…with an actual human (yes mother, I’ll try and be more social).

Anyway, it finally dawned on me. Perhaps…I could become a book fairy!

I think it would be fun, if every time I released a book, I left a copy somewhere for someone to read. I was already planning on popping one or two into the free libraries, but wouldn’t it be nice to get a book dressed up like a present?

I’d love to put little treats inside as well. I don’t know about you, but I’m always running out of bookmarks. I know a girl who made the most gorgeous bookmarks I have ever seen in my entire life…I wonder if she’s still selling them? If I find them I’ll definitely link them below. You may have seen some of her work in the background of photo’s I post on Instagram.

Found her, her name is Janet (like one of my childhood bff’s but spelled differently), and she’s not only a fabulous Toronto artist and tattooist but when my friends and I met her, she was absolutely lovely to talk to.

I feel a personal connection with the bookmarks I use. I know that sounds strange but…for example I have an OPP vet’s bookmark that I’m using in one of my books right now, and it reminds me of my Granddad. I’m using it in a book that he also bought for me when I was in university. It makes me feel close to him, even though he’s gone…and it’s just a piece of paper. I probably sound silly…but oh well.

If I become a book fairy, I will definitely try and leave bookmarks for people to use. I’d also like to put a nice ribbon around the book too. I think ribbons make everything feel more…special, and I know this probably sounds super tacky but I like it when I can just make someone else smile.

I’m definitely going to need to remind myself about this when the time comes.

If you’ve ever witnessed or come across a book fairy, what book did you get? I’d love to know!

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