It’s May!

It’s May!

I thought the weather was going to be nice today, but I suppose a little rains all right. I just wish I was a little more forward thinking and didn’t wear a dress. I’ve got on a sweater too, so no worries!

Aside from the weather and wishing I wore a pair of jeans, it’s been a relaxing Saturday as usual.

I’m currently drafting the sequel to my debut novel, which has been a lot of fun. I’m also trying to catch up on some reading.

Aside from book stuff, I’ve been working on some voice over projects and playing around with different characters and voices. It’s a lot of fun…but sometimes I like to do multiple takes before deciding on the voice I want. I find I take longer with female characters because I’m subconsciously trying to make sure they don’t sound too similar.

Today I’m reading Daytime Shooting Star, Vol. 4, which is super exciting because I got it for my birthday, and I spent months trying to track it down prior to that. My birthday was in March, so as you can see I’m very behind on my reading goals for 2020. I’ve spent more time writing and editing, which of course I should do, but I love to read and it’s nice to take a little break every now an then.

I recorded some audio on my editing process, which I will try and put into a video and post at a later date. I haven’t had time to edit the video yet, because I’ve got a few other projects on the go right now. However, I told myself I was going to post it because a lot of the lovely folks on Twitter have been asking for editing tips and I can’t fit all of that information into a single Tweet.

Before I go, I also want to wish you a Happy Free Comic Book Day. This year is obviously very different…but I’ve got a plenty of books that I can read at home right now, and I’m sure a lot of Indie Comic Creators and small comic shops are hosting events as well…or at least promoting their work. At least that’s my hope. I have seen some artists doing Webtoon promo’s on Twitter and Instagram.

What is your favourite comic book or manga series? Leave a comment below or Tweet me @ardinpatterson.

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