Book Talk Episode 1: A Love of Reading

When I was little, I loved getting lost in a good book. I read about soldiers, princesses, con-artists, talking animals, fairies, explorers…it didn’t matter as long as the story swept me away for a few hours. I found comfort in reading. I could forget about a rough day at school as long as I had a book to look forward too. I would even read during lunch. Honestly, I was very shy and had trouble joining in on conversations. Reading made me feel a little less lonely when I couldn’t think of the right words to say.

One of my main characters from my novel loves to read. Surprisingly she is the first character I’ve written who has reading as a hobby.

I don’t usually base characters off of myself or people…and she is definitely not based on myself, but she is a reader and a lot of her thoughts and feelings towards books are some of my own.For instance, in one scene she becomes a little irritated by a boy who begins talking to her and reading over her shoulder.

annoyed game of thrones GIF

I find her really funny at times because she loves books so much, and if given the chance would talk about them for hours, but in that moment she is extremely annoyed by him. When I’m writing or drawing in my sketchbook, I don’t like having people hover over me either. I like to get lost in my work, and I find it distracting. However, when I read a good book I can get so focused on it that I won’t even notice people around me.

Girl Reading

My character however, actually does enjoy having company while she reads. In fact she likes to read aloud (especially to her younger siblings). Telling stories excites her, and connects her to those around her. When she isn’t willing to share something she’s read, I think it’s a reflection of what’s going on in her life. I hope that my fellow bibliophiles will connect with her. I have actually written passages for her favourite book, which is referenced throughout the series. I’d like to share them someday.

Ardin Patterson

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