Character Collage #2

Choosing one song off this playlist is hard. There are too many really good ones! I have three for him…and I’m always forcing myself not to add too much to them. I think to keep things simple and consistent I’ll just share his cheer up song as well…which surprisingly isn’t a Ricky Nelson song, but a Nirvana song.

I didn’t plan or expect this one to have such a lack of colour…but I think it says a lot about his character.

He loves music and started taking piano lessons when he was very young. His older brother got him a guitar when he was a teenager, despite his parents protest. There are moments when he’s a bit fixated on death in the series. He doesn’t know how to deal with grief, nor has he really had time to grieve.

He feels guilty about how he acted when he was younger, and tries his best to be a proper “adult” but instead gets accused of being bland and boring by his niece and nephews. His niece especially, misses when he used to be goofy. The one habit he hasn’t managed to suppress is his spontaneity, which his friends consider reckless. He’s a leap before thinking type of person and isn’t as grown up as he likes to think he is.

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