Character Collage #5

This character is a really good friend, despite being known as a flirt and not always being the most reliable. Despite being a fan of fun and being the life of the party, he genuinely wants what’s best for the people in his life.

He also feels like he constantly needs to watch out for his younger cousin, which he finds annoying since she and his best friend are constantly at one another’s throats.

He’s had several failed romances, but usually prefers things with no strings attached. He doesn’t think he’s ready to settle down, since he’s put his life on hold to help out his friend.

Old friends perfectly describes his relationship with his best friend, especially when they were younger. Even when he thinks something is a bad idea, he’ll go along with it for the fun of it…that is until things have gone too far.

In the original draft he had a different name, but my editor and I changed it because apparently the letter R was my favourite when I named my main characters. It wasn’t something I had thought of before, but now I’m more conscious about characters whose names sound too similar (especially key characters), as it can be confusing for the reader.

After changing his name, I actually picture him differently, which is strange to me…but I like his new name. I picked it after a favourite superhero of mine, that I’ve had a crush on since I was little.


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