Character Collage #8

Initially this character was going to be my antagonist…and in a way he still is, but I decided when I wrote my first draft to approach his character a little differently than I had originally planned. What happened was that after writing out a scene with him and one of my MC’s I realized that he was actually a pretty nice guy.

His collage is on the sadder side because his feelings for my MC are genuine and despite how careful he is with their relationship, he knows that because of their current circumstances, it’s doomed.

Unrequited love can be frustrating, especially when the person you are in love with is a close friend. I think that’s why I decided not to make him an arrogant jerk. He still gets jealous at times, but he’s aware of it and questions those feelings when they arise.

Little Red Riding Hood is his cheer up song, and I like that it shows a softer side of him. Sadly, the majority of the songs on his playlist are about unrequited love and heartache. This song really shows how protective he is of his friend, and how he holds back when it comes to her because he doesn’t want to scare her away.

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