Editing Update

This week I’ve been reworking the first draft of my novel. It is the second book in my debut series, and I’m very excited about how the edits are coming a lot.

I decided to cut a lot out of the subplot and to reserve some of it for the following book. Cutting things out isn’t easy and definitely isn’t as fun as writing but it is necessary. So far I’m pleased with my progress though.

Aside from cutting out parts, I’ve reworked and added in new scenes and chapters. I’ve also merged others because I felt that it would enhance the overall flow of the story.

I do like to build up to events and things…which I’m not sure if its necessarily a good or a bad thing…but I always have to make sure I’m double checking that the pacing isn’t too slow or too fast.

I think of pacing my writing like music. Each scene flows according to the emotions ajd information being delivered, and each character has their part to play.

I’m excited to finish this round of edits and work on my first full read through edit!

How is your WIP (work in progress) going this week?

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