Social Media and Self-Care

The internet…that being, social media, has been such a strange place lately. It’s a breeding ground for toxic behaviour, but also the place where people feel most connected.

I’ve seen so many people discuss taking breaks for the sake of their mental health, and I applaud them for it.

Personally I think all of this negativity online is coming from the fact that people are scared and frustrated, because the thing that are happening in the world are things that are beyond their control. Plus the news is in your face 24 hours of the day…and personally, I find it exhausting at this point.

I’m curious about how 2020 will impact us in the future, and what it has to say about our current society…on a global and local scale.

I’m saddened by how people are taking their fear and frustration out on one another, versus trying to lift one anothers spirits, however I do believe that this behaviour is similar to the whole, “hurt people hurt” scenario, that many of us are familiar with. It’s easier to cancel someone on social media, or go off on a stranger versus yell at a virus. All of that pent up fear and frustration needs a place to go…and the most convenient place is the internet, which has quickly gone from being only available on our family computers, to being right at our fingertips.

I don’t think social media should be used as an outlet for this type of frustration, but people want to feel connected.

There are days when I just want to sit out in my yard with a good book and read. When I was younger, I loved escaping into novels. It took me out of stressful or difficult situations for a little while, and allowed me to take the time to collect and understand my thoughts and feelings.

Obviously I’m not a mental health expert, but if you feel overwhelmed by social media, I really do think that taking a break (even for a few hours), is helpful. Turn the notifications off, put your electronics aside and find something else to do.

You can go for a walk, read a book, play an instrument, throw a solo dance party, do some gardening, sit outside and relax…whatever you enjoy or like doing.

Something that I would suggest, simply because it has happened to me, is that you should switch up what you choose to do when you feel stressed. Having multiple coping mechanisms is a lot more effective than having a single go to thing. Sometimes your main method won’t work. It’s good to have other options when that happens.

Everyone needs self-care, and it’s important to know our limits and when we need to take time away from things like social media.

I know that things aren’t easy right now, and that there is a lot of pain, fear and frustration in the world…but there are many little things that we can find to be grateful for, and honestly, it does help put things in perspective.

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