Mid-Read Review for Daytime Shooting Star Vol.5

The weather has been so nice this weekend. It’s been good to sit out in the yard and read or work for a little change of scenery.

I’m currently reading Volume 5 of Daytime Shooting Star, a Manga by Mika Yamamori.

Although I enjoy the series and the artwork, there are some problematic things about the plot that don’t sit well with me, so at the moment the series is 4.5 stars for me…mainly because of some of the content.

I find it odd that this specific shojo trope is something I’ve been reading since I was like 11 years old, and it’s only now that I’m in my twenties that I find this trope problematic.

I think what’s more shocking is that this series is YA…and the teen characters in it are encouraging this behaviour in their friend. Which, although all the girls are lovely, it is a bit sad that the male leading rival is the only person who can see why this relationship is inappropriate.

Aside from that though the character development is really well done. I also like how all the characters are named after animals. That’s a really cute little touch.

I’m not sure which Manga I’ll be reading after this but I’m also reading a novel for my YA May good reads challenge. So far I’m enjoying that.

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