7 Tips to Improve Your Writing! – Katytastic

This was one of my favourite AuthorTube channels back when I was in high school. The same tips that are highlighted in this video, are ones that I’ve received from editor feedback over the years.

I love how she also goes on to explain each of these tips, like the old, “Show don’t tell” statement that writers hear constantly.

I recommend checking this video out:

Whether you’re just getting into writing, or have been writing for years it is always good to continue learning from one another. Someone who has been writing for one year could also give excellent advice to someone who has been writing for ten. They may have a perspective worth listening to, and it is important to keep that in mind.

I’ll be posting some more AuthorTube favourites today, and maybe a few later this week as well, along with some BookTube video’s that I’ve enjoyed. It’s also important to listen to readers feedback as well!

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