How I Edit My Manuscripts & Discovering BookTube

Lately I’ve been trying to catch up on some reading, while I go through my edits. Since it was such a nice day, I decided to read outside but unfortunately the bugs came out. Luckily I finished my book, but I was planning on reading another afterwards.

I also took a peak at our neighbours the robins, and it looks like the two egg are doing well. I’ve seen birds coming over to the nest, but I wasn’t sure if the eggs would survive that rainstorm after we had to relocate them. We felt really bad moving the nest…but it was behind our dryer, and if we hadn’t noticed the dryer not working properly, we may have ended up with a fire. Don’t worry, I didn’t touch the eggs or nest while checking on them. I used to stool and looked at them from a distance. They’re such a pretty shade of blue.

One of my main character’s loves robin’s egg blue. It’s her favourite colour. I often draw her wearing clothes in that colour as well. It suits her.

Now that I’ve finished reading my book, I think I’ll try and do some editing. I’ve been keeping track of my progress with a notebook that I got from Indigo. I featured it in my new video that goes over my editing process.

Honestly, I did consider reopening my editing services, but I got so swamped with editing my own work, voice over and play stuff that I knew I wouldn’t be able to focus on it. Plus I’m doing a little book launch prep and research right now.

I miss being around other people who like books…it was fun to talk about what we were currently reading, and to recommend series to each other. Thankfully during quarantine I’ve discovered the BookTube and Bookstagram communities! I’ve followed some Bookstagramer’s for a long time, but I didn’t realize BookTube was a thing. WriteTube…or AuthorTube (I’m not sure what that’s called) I’ve known about for years, but not BookTube. It’s such a nice calming community…with the occasional rant. I love the book hauls. They’re so fun to watch! It’s nice seeing people get excited about books as much as I do!

Here is my new video on How I Edit my Manuscripts! I made it because a lot of people have been asking around the writing community, and I couldn’t fit all of this information into a Tweet. Instead I put it into a short little video! Hope you like it, and find it helpful!

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