Quick Writing Update

I am currently challenging myself to write as much as possible with a deadline in mind. To be completely honest, I’ve spent most of my writing time procrastinating and or working on world building.

I’m hoping that perhaps writing a blog post will get me into the mood to write. I’ve tried everything else…and no it isn’t writers block, it’s just sheer procrastination.

I tried writing outside for a change of atmosphere, I tried doing simple sketches of my characters, I tried pacing around my room for an hour, I tried going for a drive, I tried doodling on my plot outline…and I’ve only managed to write one page.

Now, one the plus side, I have done a lot of good character and world building today. I’m proud of what I accomplished there…but I’m still a bit frustrated by the lack of actual writing I’ve done.

I think I’ve just been in editing mode for so long, that when I decided to take a break from that and work on something else, my mind went, “Wait…what?”

It’s also possible I may have burned myself out last night, by editing until two in the morning.

I’m determined to at least finish the rest of this scene before I go to sleep tonight. I set a goal for myself and I intend to reach it. Besides, I know once I get in the zone, I’ll be fine. I’m just need to get back into writing mode.

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