I don’t care if I don’t reach my deadline for the June #PitMad, I can query later, when this novel is ready.

There is so much in my heart and on my mind, that it has become crowded. It is taking me longer to write and edit, than when I initially started. That is okay.

Today is my parents anniversary, and they don’t feel like celebrating.

The air is heavy. Change needs to happen.

These conversations cannot go away after things stop “trending” on social media. We cannot be silent.

I am the product of an interracial marriage. I am a POC. I am not going to stop educating people, or sharing my stories. I am not going to stop amplifying the voices of POC in my community, and in my country.

This is not about black or white, this is about right and wrong. This is about justice. This about feeling safe.

I have noticed a large portion of the writing community has chosen to remain silent, and that is their choice. I will not condemn them for that, but those who have been silent on their platforms, I want to you think about why. Are doing writer lifts and shameless self promo’s really more important than the lives of your fellow human beings?

Even if you have a smaller platform, it can still be used for good.

Go out and educate yourself. Educate your friends.

Help heal the deep wounds created by years of oppression.

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