Book Talk Episode 12: Novel and Editing Updates

I am happy to announce that my editor and I are now on our third round of edits for my debut novel!

I am so excited! She does such a great job of explaining the process to me, and it is so reassuring.

She made list of words that I overuse throughout the book, so that I can go through and replace them with stronger alternatives. Which I’m extremely grateful for, because I was noticing while editing book 2 in this series that there were a lot of words that I seemed a little too…comfortable with.

Editing definitely isn’t easy. I enjoy it, because I find it…fun? I’m weird okay? Regardless, it can become exhausting.

I’m going to make sure I go through all of her notes carefully and with an open mind.

I like getting feedback, and I know that whatever notes she’s given me are ultimately there to help me improve as a writer and to make my work stronger.

Well, I’m looking forward to what she has to say, and to complete the tasks she’s given me. I’ll do my best, and I already have my water bottle filled up and ready to go (stay hydrated!).

Time to roll up my sleeves and put my editing hat back on.

Wish me luck!

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