Book Talk Episode 13: Editing Update

I am fourteen pages in so far. My editor highlighted areas where I could add more description in regards to my characters appearances.

I was struggling trying to describe the one characters hair, so I flipped open my sketchbook and looked at a recent drawing I did of him. It helped with the shape and how it flowed, but when it came to the colour I was drawing a blank. I opened up my marker case and pulled out the shade I use when I colour him.

I ended up using that shade in the actual description. I couldn’t think of any other way of getting that exact colour out in written form.

Aside from that, I have also been paying close attention to other areas such as appropriate places to describe clothing, facial features, height etc. My editors notes make it very easy to spot them, and among all of her feedback, I appreciate the little spots where she tells me I’ve done something correctly.

Her notes really get me thinking about the decisions I make when writing. I’m more aware of how my characters are presenting themselves in the scene. I like approaching my edits as a reader and editor, because it helps me feel a little less attached to my choice of words or specific phrasing. It makes me more open to suggestions, and usually my inner reader will let me know what makes the most sense overall.

I’m having fun reading her notes so far, and although there are points where I get a little stuck, I find referring to her earlier notes and examples very helpful and reassuring.

I thought I’d share a song off my character’s playlist, since I’m midway through editing his chapter and he’s the first character you meet in the series.

Quick disclaimer this song has explicit lyrics.

This is the second song on his playlist and is listed as his “outlook on life” song. The song is Black and Blue by Sick Puppies.

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