Character Collage & Playlist

Today has been pretty quiet. I’ve mainly been listening to music and brainstorming how to go about reworking some scenes in my novel.

I ended up seeing a clip from a 70s film set to music where this girl was running around in a field of flowers, and it made me think of one of my characters, so I found a picture of that and ended up making this little collage.

I may end up doing some character sketches and go through my sketchbooks so that I can compile a few images to my notes. I’ve been reviewing some timeline stuff with my series and noticed I accidentally input certain dates in correctly…so I had to fix that. Yikes.

Thankfully, I caught that during my edits. I was wondering why one particular date didn’t make sense to me. I’m looking into making a more organized version of this ASAP. I can’t stand how messy it is right now.

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