Book Trailers I Absolutely Love

I don’t think book trailers get enough credit. I’ve had some seriously peak my interest to the point where I was ready to purchase immediately after watching them.

I think trailers for graphic novels, webtoons and comics have a slight edge because they are already a visual medium, whereas other books need a little extra thought put into what gets shown in the trailers.

For this post I’ll be sharing some book trailers that I absolutely fell in love with. Many of them will probably be from Epic Reads, but I’ll also be sharing some author/small publisher made ones as well to show them some love.

  1. Everless by Sara Holland.

I love how this trailer also doubled as an animated view of the cover. The voice over was captivating. The actress had so much emotion in her voice, and by having the her read the plot as though she were the main character is what made it so wonderful! It brought the listener/viewer into the story automatically. Love it!

2. A Court of Thorns & Roses

This one is a fanmade trailer, which was really well done. The actors did a great job of depicting the story and characters, and knew which scenes from the novel to include that would both show the plot and be visually pleasing. For a brief moment I even wondered if it was an actual trailer for a film. I also liked that the video was kept short, but still had this feeling of pulling the viewer in.

3. Cayleth Warding and the Scarlet One

Although this trailer isn’t perfect, its still good. The one thing I would have liked was to have the text and clips together versus separated. Aside from that it was paced well and alluded to the mysterious woman who comes to the island.

4. A Study in Charlotte

I really like these film trailers, and thought the actors brought the world of the novel to life in this one. This one was both fun to watch and also got me interested in reading the book.

5. The School for Good & Evil

As I mentioned earlier, I adore animated trailers. I think mainly because I’m still able to picture the characters when I read without too much outside influence. This trailer was very fun and playful, keeping in mind its target audience, while also telling the viewer about the novels plot.

I really enjoyed watching these trailers and pointing out what I liked about them. I may do more posts like this in the future. One thing that I dislike when I watch trailers is when they give away the entire plot. I like that bit of mystery that draws people in and makes them go “Ooh, what happens next?” I think that these trailers did that well, despite approaching it differently.

I have to say that the first trailer is definitely my favourite overall, because I was immediately drawn in by the character’s voice. The A Study in Charlotte trailer was also good in this sense. Narration makes sense in trailers for books. For me it gives a hint at who the characters are and what adventure the reader will go on.

The visuals are also key, since it is a trailer and I love seeing how different people approach this. There are so many different ways to create a wonderful trailer for a book, and it’s good to see how people go about it.

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