Editing Update – Scene Replacement Approved!

My editor got back to me about the scene replacement and she loved it!

I am planning to talk about this in my next vlog a little bit, but I’ve also been debating on contributing to a discussion going around the writing community. I might and I might not…simply because I’ve got a lot in my schedule right now.

Now that I’ve gotten the okay from my editor, I can insert it this scene into my manuscript and move on to the next step, which I’m really excited about. She also gave me one thing to fix with the scene, which is to put more emphasis on the significance of a certain object (sorry no spoilers!) but other than that, it was all positive.

I’m glad she liked it because I enjoyed writing the scene. It took me a few days to work through it but in the end I really liked it, so to get such positive feedback on it is fantastic.

I have some scenes that I’m trying to build up at the moment so my next editing goal will be to focus on those.

I do a lot of brainstorming and read scenes over a couple times before I add to them. I find this helpful. I usually read what happens in the scene prior and the one that follows, just to make sure what I’m adding (even if its just a few lines of dialogue) works within the manuscript.

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