The Boy in the Coffee Shop

There’s a little known coffee shop down the street, hidden within a busy plaza. He’s there just about every day with his laptop pulled close, sitting quietly by the window. He minds his own business, giving a smile here and there as people walk by his table. If you’re lucky you’ll catch a glimpse of his warm brown eyes, fixating on something outside.

The Barista brings over his coffee–which some would say is just milk and sugar–and a freshly baked slice of carrot cake. “There yah go Owen. Let me know when you need a refill.” She cocks her head, scrunching up her face as he lets one of his earbuds dangle down onto his neck.


“Your coffee,” she says, turning from him. She glances back briefly to find him sitting cross legged on the chair, the coffee cup nestled gently between his fingers. A little grin crawls between her lips as she goes back behind the counter.

“You ever wonder what he’s working on?” Ike asks, popping up beside her. He hands her a slip of paper with the next order.

“Not really.”

“I bet its a novel. He looks like the type. He could be writing the next big series or something.”

Naaz looking over at Owen, furrows her brow. “Maybe he’s a genius hacker?”

“Judging by his orders, I’d match him up with Keisha. You know, soft spoken, colourful braids, wears Billy Talent t-shirts?”

“For the last time, Mimi said no more match making!” Naaz clears her throat. Customers direct their attention to her. She ducks down, her brown cheeks burning as she pulls her large bun over her face. “Don’t you remember what happened last time with that married woman?”

Ike looked down at her. “Gladys or Rhonda?”

“Gladys left her husband and ran off with that Librarian!”

“Then what happened to Rhonda?”

“How should I know?” Naaz peers over the counter at Owen. “Look, it was all fun and games before but I think these magic beans are going to your head.”

Ike pulls her up by her shoulders and smiles. “What’s the fun of working in a magic coffee shop if we can’t use a little magic?”

“We’re not supposed to know Mimi has–”

Naaz and Ike turn their heads as Owen approaches the counter.

“Did you want a refill?” Naaz asks quickly.

Owen grips his throat. “N-no actually…I forgot my phone charger and–” His face slams down onto the counter.

The customers rise from their seats, gazing over.

“Owen?” Ike pokes him in the middle of his head. He turns to Naaz. “I think I gave him the wrong beans.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means he’s dead.” Mimi sigh, waltzing in from the back room. “Sleep!” She shouts, snapping he fingers.

The customer shut their eyes and lay their heads on the tables.

Naaz’s eyes widen. “Dead?”

“I swapped his drink when you weren’t looking.” Mimi tells them, running a hand through Owen’s hair.

“What? Why?”

“He knew too much.” Mimi turns his head and squishes his cheeks between her fingers. “Don’t worry detective, your life source should return in a couple of hours. Now, the question is what to do with you two.”

“Please don’t kill me, I was just trying to create the perfect ships and make the world a better place I swear!” Ike cries, hiding behind Naaz.

Mimi gives each of them a smile. “I’m aware of your curiousity human. Though I do wonder, how curious are you truly?”

Naaz and Ike glance at one another.

“If you dispose of the detective, I’ll tell you anything you want to know.”

Naaz inches toward her. “Wait…like actually kill him or?”

“Oh no, just dump him off someplace. I don’t want him waking up here.” She reaches into her apron. “Here I’ll give you each five beans. Take my car and deliver him to Bianca’s. She’ll know what to do with him.”

“Wait, who’s Bianca?” Naaz asks.

Ike goes around the counter and yanks Owen off. “And to think I was gonna pair you up with Keisha.”

“Funny you should say that,” Mimi says, handing Naaz her keys. “Bianca is Keisha’s older sister. They live just a couple blocks from here by the convenience store on Orchard Street.”

“Small world.” Naaz whispers.

“Small indeed. Now get that corpse outta my shop.”

About the Story

This is just a little freestyle piece I decided to write…for absolutely no reason other than to entertain myself. I hope you enjoyed reading it though.

I also tried writing in a tense I never use just to switch things up and challenge myself a little.

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