Editing Update: Fantastic Feedback!

Having a second set of eyes read over my work is extremely helpful. I can’t even express how much weight is lifted from my shoulders after receiving feedback from my editor (or even a beta reader).

I sent in a scene to my editor over the weekend that I had been stuck on it since August. After a month of wrestling with it I finally sent it to her. I wish I’d sent it sooner because her feedback cleared up everything I was struggling with! She pinpointed sections that I myself was unhappy with and provided solutions to how to improve (or remove) them. She also noted the sections within the scene that were stronger and pointed out that if I added a little more emphasis to those sections it would make the scene flow better and be stronger as a whole.

I’m so happy. I feel like I can breathe again. Sure, there’s still a lot to do in regards to editing but I’m grateful for the insight she provided.

Art by @nuggiedraws

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