A Poem for Roland

You are an echo in this lifeless hollow of a tree

Ringing out without reason and heard by few,

If any at all.

The louder your voice the less they listen.

Yet your eyes, your eyes entrap them

Pulling them within the depths of your

Wounded soul.

Some would say you’re shallow,

Unwavering and stubborn

But the façade of you melts away in Spring

And you transform into something new.

In this metamorphosis you are no longer that

Lonely child but a wounded youth on the verge of adulthood

Seeking anyone, anything, anywhere to make you feel whole.

And when you find it you clutch it to your chest

Because you know this is but fleeting

Like most dreams of yours:

A dying thing not worth digging your nails and teeth into

But you do because even the faintest sign of warmth

Is better than this slow rot you call a life.

Written September 27th, 2020 by Ardin Patterson.

Today’s prompt was to write a poem about one of my character’s. This is something I do often. It turned out a little sadder than I’d expected.

Do you like poetry?

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