What is your favourite scene in the book?

Chapter nine in my novel has a scene that makes me choke up every time I read. It’s the first time Roland’s mother is introduced.

I’m trying very hard to avoid spoilers while answering these types of questions, but despite this scene making me feel as though someone punched me in the gut, I really enjoy it. The first time I shared this scene the feedback I received was, “Oh my God…that’s so sad.”

I don’t like to make people upset but the scene really does what it’s supposed to.

I try to balance out these sadder scenes with something lighter later on.

It’s just strange to me that after 7 years this scene still makes me cry. It’s one that I’d love to see adapted on screen.

Every scene with Roland’s mother is very difficult for me to write but I truly do think they helped me mature as a writer. I really sympathize with her character. I’d love it if somehow she could get her happy ending.

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