Describe an average day in the life of your character

Roland starts most mornings being forced from his bed either by the children or Tabitha. It takes him a while to get out of bed because he usually struggles to fall asleep.

Breakfast is usually waiting for him. Sometimes it’s even brought upstairs to his bedroom. He’s fairly lazy in the morning and barely attempts to make conversation at the breakfast table. Half the time he tunes everyone out before going to his office to work.

On days when he’s really struggling to wake up, he’ll head outside for a walk after breakfast. The walk allows him to plan out the rest of his day.

Once the children are off at school he tries to get as much work done as possible before lunch, which is also usually waiting for him. Peter usually come by during lunch and the two spend an hour or so chatting.

Later the children come back home and bombard him with all the events of their day, while he tries to catch up on the work he didn’t finish while Peter was visiting. He tries his best to pay attention to them but eventually brushes them off and tells them to go start their homework.

At dinner the family all gets together and enjoy each others company. They usually spend time together until the children get ready for bed.

When he’s not busy he might read to them for a bit, but his niece prefers to read to everyone herself. It’s her favourite part of the day. Sometimes he falls asleep during story time and the children have to wake him up and send him to bed.

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