What was your character like as a child?

As a child Roland was charming. Greeted the staff with a warm smile, remembered his manners and mostly kept to his room, which he helped tidy when asked as it rarely ever was tidy.

The little boy practically lived in his room, only leaving when he was well enough or when he was too sick to be cared for at home.

On good days he’d follow his older brother around the house, eager for some attention. His brother spoiled him. Sometimes even paying Roland in candy so he could get a moments peace.

Roland adored candy. From licorice to chocolates.

His father kept some in his office on his desk, a silly place to keep candy with sneaky little hands around.

Roland would hide a top the stairs and peer through the railing, until his father left the office to join his mother for their morning coffee. Then he’d very quietly, like a mouse, sneak down the steps and into the room. He was always careful to remove the lid from the candy tin. Then he’d reach in for one, although he somehow ended up with two pockets full.

His father knew. He’d seen the candy wrappers beneath the little boys bed, as did everyone else, but he allowed Roland to play his game and refilled the tin later in the day.

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