Character Outfit Board: Date night

Ooh la la. A date?

Roland hasn’t been on a date in five years. His niece goes on more dates than he does.

The other day I somehow managed to get him in a suit. He’ll wear them but he prefers sweaters.

Dianna also dresses fairly casual but she cleans up a lot better than he does haha. Her cousin Peter on the other hand goes on lots of dates and tends to put himself together nicely.

I selected some photos from my pinterest board for this one. Different types of dates, different outfits, different seasons. I of course had to include the classic milkshake date image. It isn’t a real date without a milkshake!

Haha well actually, I myself have never had a milkshake on a date. I should add that to one of my list of things to do after the pandemic. I wouldn’t want to be sharing a milkshake with anyone right now…

Actually I don’t really like sharing drinks at all…but I suppose if I get my own straw it isn’t that horrible.

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