Thank You!


A dying boy

A rebellious girl

History poised to repeat itself

I am so excited to finally have people read my book (aside from my editor and little sister of course). I’ve been working on this series since high school which feels like forever ago. At the time I don’t think I could have anticipated the events which lead up to being accepted for publication…it still feels surreal. I’m so grateful for this entire experience, and am thankful that I got to work with such a fantastic editor.

I want to thank all of my friends and family who have shown me support since my announcement. I’m sorry for keeping this under wraps! I just wanted to know the publication date before I finally shared what I’ve been working on all these years. It’s been hard enough having my folks ask about the release date every week, so I thought it’d be best to share with everyone at once.

My little sister has been my biggest supporter throughout my writing journey. I cannot express how much she’s inspired my love of storytelling. She’s been there through my hundred of books about magical talking animals phase to my exploring genres phase and every time she’s embraced and fueled my imagination.

Aside from her of course, the rest of my family has been incredible. From those awkward pre-teen novelist days they’ve been asking “When’s that book coming out?” and continued on all the way through university. Despite not all of them being big readers (my sister included), they encouraged me and pushed me to pursue what I love.

So to my friends and my family, thank you so much for your support and encouragement. I love you all and I can’t wait to share this series with you.

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