Meet Peter: “I don’t think a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.”

Peter is a side character who is a delight to write.

Before my book was accepted for publication, his name was Roger but my editor suggested changing it because it might have readers mixing up characters: Roland, Roger, and Rose is a lot of Ro’s…and so he became Peter!

I settled on the new name fairly quickly. Much faster than I anticipated. He’s not the only character whose name I changed, but his was the easiest to get used to. He just became a Peter during the edits and now the name Roger doesn’t really suit him.

I try my best to pick names that feel right for each of my characters. I think names add a little more to their personality and I don’t think a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. Although I adore that quote, I have to disagree. There is so much in a name and we often associate different traits to a persons name as well, even things like age.

With Roger becoming Peter, he somehow grew into himself.

I commissioned character art from @nuggiedraws for the main cast of characters featured in Vermin. I think she captured Peter very well and I love how she incorporated the cover into the background.

Peter Rissing, by @nuggiedraws 2021

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