Keyboard, Pen, Typewriter

The other day I discovered that there is a special putty you can use to clean your keyboard, and now I keep thinking of how great it would be to have. I try to clean my keyboard, because it gets fairly dusty but having something like that would be way easier to get between the keys!

My laptop has been though a lot since the time I dropped it in Toronto before I went to a recording. A piece of it chipped off, and at the time I had been editing my manuscript so I freaked out. Luckily, my laptop still worked when I opened it up but it’s had a crack in it ever since.

My Dad thinks I should invest in a smaller one, for when I’m on the go, which I agree would be convenient but I’ve also gotten back into using notebooks and those are fairly easy to transport. One of my favourite things to do when I first started writing novels was to write in the car, and with my old laptop that was possible, merely because it was tiny but with this one it’s big and I have no idea how long the battery will stay on for, so I’d rather write by hand and transfer the pages onto my laptop later. It’s less of a hassle.

One thing that I think is kind of funny, is that I own an old typewriter. I like typing on it, but I never actually put paper in it or anything, just push down on the keys and pretend to write out a few sentences. It’s missing a piece and one of the keys is a little stuck. I found it in my grandparents basement and they said I could keep it, since I liked playing around with it so much. I’d love to get it working so I could use it. I like that when I write with pen it forces me to get my thoughts out, without any distractions. That’s the same feeling, I imagine one gets with a typewriter. There’s also something satisfying about the heaviness of the keys…the weight when you push down on them, gives off firm a sense of purpose, like each letter has meaning. Writing by hand has that same vibe…not that typing on a keyboard isn’t purposeful or meaningful, it is…but I type so fast that it almost seems like I’m in another zone. I still think about what I’m going to say but there isn’t that moment of hesitation where I mull over the phrasing of a sentence or try to draw out that perfect word every time I write. Language is a precious, beautiful thing. There are so many ways to convey something, and I find I’m more aware of this when I can’t just hit backspace or instantly scrap an entire paragraph. I’m more satisfied with the initial result because I didn’t put words down to fill empty space, I put words down that stirred my imagination.

Sorry for rambling. I’ve definitely strayed away from the subject of cleaning putty. The whole subject of writing instruments has been one I’ve been mulling over for years now, mainly because while I was editing Vermin, which was initially written on paper, I was typing everything out on my keyboard and after a while, I like to switch back to paper. I like paper. I like the feel of it, and despite complaining at times, I love how my left hand smudges ink on the page.

I’ve enjoyed writing scenes on paper recently, and doing all sorts of writing exercises. Making notes and exploring my thoughts…trying not to let the paper fly off when a breeze comes by. My pen rolling away on me….

It’s just different. A good different.

The eBook edition of Vermin is now available for pre-order, both this edition and the paperback will be released on August 1st, 2021.

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