Recording Some Music

I’ve been trying to pre-plan out some posts for the coming week but I’ve been busy. Between recordings, prepping for Vermin’s release date, work, writing and life, I’ve begun to realize I’m a fairly efficient and flexible human being when I buckle down and apply myself.

I re-recorded a song I covered a few years back yesterday after being requested to share it. The old one was recorded in my room with my other mic, which struggles to pick up my louder/higher vocals, so I thought an update was in order. I had fun redoing the song and I’m going to be posting it sometime today on YouTube. I’ll be leaving the original up as well, just because I like to compare older versions of tracks I’ve recorded…it’s kind of like comparing the first draft of a book to the final version.

I don’t post all of my covers on Spotify, but I do have a few on there like White Rabbit, Gothic Pink and Then I Woke Up.

Out of my recent covers on Spotify, I would say I really enjoyed recording White Rabbit. I had a lot of fun with it and experimented a lot vocally. My voice sounds deeper in this compared to when I sing normally, which might be why I listen to it most often.

I’m planning up uploading some new music around August 1st, which is the release date for Vermin, but I’ve been having some trouble deciding on which instrument to play or if I want to challenge myself and play both guitar and piano…which I’ve never done on a track before. I just think for certain songs, it’ll sound really nice. Some of these songs I wrote for a male vocalist, and I don’t have one on hand at the moment to record with me, so I’ll be performing those myself. Perhaps I’ll be able to collaborate with someone on a track in the future, butf for now I’m recording these songs for fun, and thought it would be cool to share them with people while they’re reading Vermin.

I love incorporating music into my stories, and sometimes like to include stories within stories as well. I’ve had the opportunity to do both with The Vermin Series and it makes me so happy because two of my loves can co-exist together in my fictional world.

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