Books, Books and More Books

Have you added Vermin to your reading list yet? Add it now!

I been on a bit of a book buying binge this week, and still have three more books that I’d like to order but am holding out on them for the time being. I’d like to finish reading three of the books I’ve started this month before I buy anything else.

My manga TBR pile has grown significantly now that books are finally being restocked. Like everyone else, I’m also binge buying series when they’re in stock due to the manga shortage that happened a few months back. Thankfully, I had novels to read in the mean time…but I hate when I’m invested in a series and then the next book is out of stock for months!

Speaking of series, Vermin is going to be out in a few days! I can’t give details on when the sequel will be out at this time, but I can say that I adore working on this series and am very excited to introduce my characters to everyone. Vermin will be available for purchase on Amazon August 1st in paperback and eBook. Signed copies will also be available at a later date, which is still to be determined.

I’ve also got a couple little surprises coming in the near future that are related to this series, which I’m absolutely stoked for. I can’t wait to share them…but for now it’ll remain a secret.

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