Vermin by Ardin Patterson is now available

The first book in The Vermin Series is now available to order online! You can find more information about the novel on Goodreads, here on, on the publishers website or on Amazon.

Read an advanced copy of Vermin and want to see your review displayed here on the website? Submit your reviews on Goodreads or Amazon (or both if you prefer), and we will feature them on the Books page underneath the description. 

 A dying boy
A rebellious girl
History poised to repeat itself 

Left for dead at the side of the road in an outlawed town, Nicholas is rescued by a human girl. Plagued by fevered dreams and a lethal illness, Nicholas doesn’t know what to make of her kindness. If she knew what he was, death would be a merciful gift.

Rose takes it upon herself to show the boy hospitality, despite her uncle Roland forbidding her from going near him. She survived the brutal sickness and knows exactly what their guest is going through—he needs a friend.

Roland stands to lose everything when he discovers what Nicholas is. Dire circumstances force Roland to turn the boy into a test subject. However, in coaxing an old flame into helping domesticate the beast, Roland ends up in a cruel experiment of his own.

As Rose and Nicholas grow closer, Roland’s decision to keep the boy’s identity a secret threatens to bring history full circle. Can Roland guard two hearts as he struggles to keep the boy and his future alive?

Fall into this whirlwind of forbidden love amidst harsh truths and harsher follies. Pick up a copy of Vermin today. 

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