Vermin is Available in Paperback and on Kindle

Vermin is officially available in both paperback and eBook, and I am absolutely blown away by how sweet and supportive everyone has been! Thank you all so, so, so much!

I’ve gotten tons of calls and texts from family and friends this week, and can’t wait to sign their copies of the book. I definitely would love to do an author signing or meet and greet at some point, but we’re still adjusting to things where I live so hopefully I’ll be able to have an event in the near future.

My sister created the prettiest artwork for me to celebrate the release of the paperback. I nearly cried when I saw it. I’m going to get a print made of it so I can frame it, and put it in my room. I’ll be sure to take a picture of it and the paperback once my author copies arrive.

Also special shout out to one of my friends because it is also her birthday today! Hi! Happy Birthday! Hope you had fun playing games and liked your gifts! I can’t wait till we can hang out in person again and play Detroit (for the 100th time).

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