It’s Friday

This weekend I’m planning on reorganizing my bookshelves to make space for my author copies of Vermin. I’m very excited to see them and hold them and flip through them, and see the final product of all my hard work, especially since I’ve been writing and editing the sequel.

I’ve got to go record before I head out this morning, so this post will probably be short, as I need to get setup in the studio in a couple of minutes, but I’m hoping to complete everything on my to-do-list this weekend and hopefully have some time to relax.

I find that my writing and drafting has become much faster now that book one has been published. I’ve gotten so much completed in the sequel, along with in another separate novel and I’m surprised at how quickly I’ve been making progress on these projects. I think it’s due to jumping out of edits, and back into writing. I’m more aware of what decisions I’m making and am taking the time to think things over before putting it on the page, which I’ve personally found helpful.

I’ve got to go record…I’m also going to be thinking of a game plan for my shelf reorganization. Not sure exactly where to start with them, but it’ll definitely take me an hour or two.

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