Reading, Writing and Rambling

I’m always fascinated by how my favourite authors always manage to reel me into their stories, so much that I’ve reached a point where if I know they’re releasing a new book I mark the release date in my calendar or prepare for preorders.

They’re such fantastic storytellers. Each story they write, every new character and setting, is so much fun, and it can be exciting to count down the days until a new novel is announced!

Right now, I’m doing a bit of tweaking before my first full read through of my manuscript. I prefer to do the first read aloud to test how it sounds to my ear, get a feel for the pace, and take the time to make sure each scene flows accordingly. This also allows me to pay closer attention to character voice in my first draft. Because I enjoy character driven stories, voice is one of the main things that pulls me into a novel. I’m the type of person who selects which books I’d like to read, based on whether or not I continue reading after the first chapter. Normally, if I find I’m already onto the third chapter, I end up loving the book. This isn’t always the case, but I’d say 75% it’s accurate. I don’t mind plot driven stories, but they usually take me a little longer to get into, and I’m more likely to look for reviews from friends with these types of stories. However, I’ve read great pieces on both ends, and I think that for craft purposes, it’s a good idea to explore both, even if you lean more towards one over the other.

Reading for me is both a hobby, and an exercise. I absolutely adore stories, and because I’m engaging with them constantly through work, I also take the time to think about what I’ve read, the way the language works on the page, and how each writer approaches their craft. I love looking at the ways different writers go about introducing characters into a scene, or how they unveil the setting. There are so many things you can learn about writing when you read. Plus, I find books comforting, and often count the hours until I can curl up in a blanket and read uninterrupted.

Although, slightly off topic, I’m currently reading two books at the same time, and loving both. I can’t wait to share my reviews. I was actually been reading them slowly on purpose because I couldn’t think of what to read next! Thankfully, I’ve got a stack of novels, manga and graphic novels lined up around my room, so I have a wide variety to choose from. Now I’m reading fast again, because truthfully, I’m a little overwhelmed by all the options…perhaps overwhelmed isn’t the right word, as I am in fact whelmed…what I mean is, that there’s so much to choose from and so many new books releasing this year, that I feel as if I must read everything I currently have before I can even think about adding new books to my collection! On top of that, a handful of my favourite authors have announced they’re releasing books this year, so I already have a 2022 TBR in the works. Part of me is hoping I can finish a few books this week. It’s times like this that I miss starting and finishing three or four books a day. How did I managed to read so quickly? Well…I suppose at one time all I did was read on the weekend. In my second year old university, my reading definitely slowed down…but I still was managing 3 or 4 books a week. These were for school though?

Well perhaps I’ll challenge myself once I complete these two, and see how many books I can finish in a week? I’m honestly curious, and I think it’d be good to crack open a good book and dive right into it, versus dragging it out for as long as possible haha.

Well, I best get back to my manuscript if I want to have time to read later this evening. I wish you all the best in your own goals this year! Also, as I’m trying to do this myself, remember to stay hydrated and to get up and stretch every now and then!

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