Margot Returns! – And is as Stylish as Ever!

I’m thrilled to announce that Margot is coming back to Polly Pocket. I love this character so much, and I’m super excited to voice her again.

This time Margot will be appearing in Polly Pocket Adventure Lab, which will air weekly on YouTube.

Thank you Mattel for having Margot make a return. I’ve had so much fun discussing this character with the studio and team at Mattel, and I absolutely adore her designs.

Having the opportunity to be apart of a toy brand that literally consumed my childhood is so much fun! I got my very first Polly Pocket when I was in Kindergarten. She was a ballerina, because at the time I was taking ballet classes, and she came with so many beautiful outfits. I loved playing with her in my sandbox but one day I lost her! To say that I was devastated would be an understatement. My little sister and I searched and searched for what felt like years. My heart was broken. Then one day, while playing with our friend wormy, who was a real worm that I’d pick up and liked to watch wiggle around on my shovel, I noticed something purple sticking out from underneath the sand. IT WAS POLLY! She’d been in the sandbox all along! Her hair had gotten damaged, and her eyes faded from being scratched by the sand, her arms and legs were a little wobbly, but she was back!

I still have that Polly Pocket 20 odd years later, and I absolutely adore her. There’s just something special about connecting with a favourite toy.

Losing her in the sandbox of course, wasn’t as bad as the time my sister and I begged our brother to climb up onto the roof to save our troll doll, who we tied to a skipping rope and were making fly around…until we whipped the skipping rope so hard we let go, and Mr. Troll flew up, up, up onto the roof. I still have him as well. He used to be very sneaky and would try and steal things from Polly and her sisters bakery. He also stole her car once! He was a really bad troll, but he had pink hair and a really cool green jacket, so I loved him. I think he’s the only troll doll I have left. I used to have one with pink skin, and two from the Trollz fashion doll series that my sister and I were obsessed with. Does anyone remember Trollbucks?

To this day I still absolutely love dolls. I love collecting them, finding and making doll sized accessories and creating stories about them. Most of my first stories were based on games I played with my dolls, and to this day I’ll still base a character off of one of them. I named Rose’s mother after Polly’s little sister Wendy, and Phoebe, Dianna and Peter’s cousin is named after a doll my sister had.

After we moved, our Dad helped my sister and I build our very own doll house, which we still have. Our niece uses it, along with the dolls I’ve collected over the years. I’ve been thinking of trying some cute little miniature crafts I found online, to add to our tiny town…well actually it’s expanded into several kingdoms, and the evil queen is vowing to return and rule the land.

Anyway, that turned into a bit of a random story, but I hope you’ll watch the new Polly Pocket episodes on YouTube, and I’d love it if you left a comment about your favourite toy growing up.


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