Daytime Shooting Star Series Review

After completing the entire series, I thought I’d do a quick, spoiler free review of my thoughts on Daytime Shooting Star as a whole.

If you’ve read my previous reviews of the series, you’ll know that I was not a big fan of Mr. Shishio. I didn’t like how insecure and vulnerable he made Suzume, nor the positions he put her in. That entire relationship was fairly uncomfortable to read…however, I really enjoyed the series.

Most of my ratings were between 4 and 5 stars for this manga, and since I mentioned that I didn’t want to spoil anything, as I’d like others to be able to go into this series and see events transpire for themselves, I’d say that it was a fun read. It was filled with moments of drama, and some cute moments as well.

Out of all the characters in the story Mamura was one of my favourites. His character really grows on you during the first few volumes, and it continues from there.

I highly recommend checking out this series, if you enjoy shojo romance, however if you’re like me and find say…Ezra and Aria’s relationship in Pretty Little Liars really problematic, you’ll probably feel as I did towards Mr. Shishio. I can say…and this may be considered a bit of a spoiler, that I was very satisfied with how the series ended.

Overall, I would give the series a full 5 star rating.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Happy reading everyone!

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