Those Not-So-Sweet Boys Series Review

I’ve officially completed volumes 1-7 for this series, and thought it was about time that I do a complete review of the series.

Please note that this may contain a few spoilers.

Okay! So, I found this series to be very cute overall. Although the ending seemed a bit rushed to me, and I wish that there was a bit more tension throughout with the whole love-triangle tease, I was satisfied with how it all wrapped up. Each of the characters were well rounded, and it didn’t take me long to choose favourites.

Like Love in Focus though, and as I mentioned above, some parts of the story felt a bit rushed, as if the author was just trying to wrap things up as quickly as possible. This is their longest series so far, so it could be that they just struggled with how to conclude the events of the story without it dragging out too long.

I absolutely adore the art style of this series, and loved how the children, teens and adults were all designed. It was also a fun, light read.

Overall I would give this series a 4.5 because although I enjoyed it and found it cute, I felt as though things could’ve been taken a little further to raise the stakes in certain books throughout the series. Other than that it was a nice, cute shojo series, and super enjoyable.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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